Finished Student Theses

Here is a list of the finished theses and reports that were done by students in our group :

  • Maurilio Gutzeit, Topics in Statistical Minimax Hypothesis Testing, PhD thesis, 2018
  • Thorsten Reuter: Contextual bandits in the discrete and continuous case, M.Sc., 2020
  • Ai Zhang: Panel data and applications, M.Sc., 2020
  • Yacine El-Gharbi: Classification of risk data, M.Sc., 2019
  • Lea Wegner: Partial monitoring and games, M.Sc., 2020
  • Sandra Roldan: NLP models for text classification, M.Sc., 2019
  • Andrei Poehlmann: Deep reinforcement learning and its applications, M.Sc., 2019
  • Guido Gazzani: Continuous bandits and adaptive inference, M.Sc., 2019 -  co-supervised with Prof. Ester Mariucci
  • Dennis Triepke, Aspects of Sequential Decision Making - Reinforcement Learning and bandit Problem, M.Sc., 2018
  • Anne Manegueu, Lerntheorie und Klassifikation mit SVMs, M.Sc., 2018
  • Oliver Tebeck, Textklassifikation von Kundenmails, M.Sc., 2018
  • Juliette Achdou, Adaptive Rejection Samplers, internship report, 2017
  • Tim Radtke, On Pure Exploration, Thresholding, and Kullback-Leibler DIvergences, M.Sc.,  2017
  • Philipp Trunschke, Hierarchical Optimistic Optimisation of \X Armed Bandits, B.Sc.,  2016
  • Andrea Locatelli, On the Bandit Thresholding Problem and Simple Regret, M.Sc.,  2016

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